Bar Stock Pipe Jack Stand – 104BJS

Bar Stock Pipe Jack Stand <br /> Model: 104BJS

Bar Stock Pipe Jack Stand - Model: 104BJS

  • Adjustable Height: Minimum 32” Maximum 46”
  • Certified Testing By Independent Source
  • All Stands Have Safety Instructional Label & Load Capacity Label With 2,1 Safety Factor
  • Bases Accept V Head, Roller Head, Transfer Balls, & Bar Stock
  • Built In ‘Stop’ For Slip Tube To Prevent Injury
  • Washer Face On Slip Tube For Smoother Screw Adjustment
  • Legs Are 1” Square Tube 16 Gage Wall Thickness
  • All Legs Have 2” Diameter Foot Surface
  • Safety Washer Retainer Finger Formed From 12 Gage Steel Sheet
  • Safety Washer Has “EZ” Lift, Release Tab
  • Safety Washer Has Retainer Pin To Prevent Loss Of Washer
  • Safety Washer “Fall Proof” Design Prevents Slippage Prior To Tightening “T” Handle
  • Bar Stock Roller Head Painted With High Visibility Yellow Paint
  • Working Load Capacity for Bar Stock Roller Head Stands 2,500 Lbs.
  • Complete Stand With Bar Stock Head Weighs 20 Lbs.
  • Stand has Powder Coat Finish